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GOFA Dress Up Days Return to Mayo

Hey Spartans! It’s officially December, which means it’s GOFA season! GOFA stands for “give one for all,” and for the entire month, there are different fundraisers and ways to get involved. The money goes to both the Dorothy Day House and the Rochester Women’s Shelter. One of the easiest ways to get involved is to dress up! There are themed days for each day of December; some may come off as easy, while others could be a little confusing.

Friday 12/1: Spirit Day – Get out your best Mayo gear and show off your school spirit to kick off the first day of GOFA.

Monday 12/4: PJ Day – Grab your comfiest Pajamas, sleepwear, or loungewear; throw it on, slip into your fuzzy slippers, and stay snug all day!

Tuesday 12/5: Adam Sandler Day – This dress up day is all about dressing like Adam Sandler with his signature ‘fits. Throw on your baggiest shorts and an oversized t-shirt, and you’re good to go.

Wednesday 12/6: Twin Day – Grab your best friend and a matching outfit and you’re all set for twin day.

Thursday 12/7: Jersey Day – Show off your pride for your team and throw on your favorite jersey for jersey day. 

Friday 12/8: Neon Day – Neon day is all about bright colors and funky patterns; grab your most eye-catching outfit for this dress up day!

Monday 12/11: Wacky Day – Crazy hair styles, interesting outfits, even mismatched socks: wacky day is all about dressing weird and strange. 

Tuesday 12/12: Class Decades Day – Dress like your grade’s chosen decade. Seniors are thrown into the 70s, juniors rock the 80s, sophomores take the 90s, and freshmen get the 00s.

Wednesday 12/13: Pink Day – Inspired by the movie Mean Girls, “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” This dress up day is all about pink, hot pink, light pink, baby pink, all the pinks! 

Thursday 12/14: Dress Like a Teacher Day – Now’s your chance to show how much you like your favorite teacher, choose a Mayo Staff Member to dress up as and put on your best outfit that matches their style. How many Nurse Beckys will be spotted in classes on that day?

Friday 12/15: Holiday Day – Do you have a favorite holiday? On this dress up day, you get to put together an outfit that you think best represents a holiday of your choosing. Thanksgiving, Halloween, or the Fourth of July, you could even dress up as the Easter Bunny!

Monday 12/18: Soccer Moms & BBQ Dads Day – For this dress up day choose either to look like a soccer mom or BBQ dad, and dress up accordingly. A BBQ dad has his apron, chef’s hat, and giant grill tongs; he’s ready to host a neighborhood cookout, while a soccer mom would be prepared for anything that may happen on or off the soccer field.

Tuesday 12/19: Ski vs. Beach Day – Would you rather ski, or go to the beach? Make your decision and create an outfit based on what you choose. Bundle up ready to go skiing down a mountain, or put on a tropical outfit ready to spend all day on the sand and in the sun. You could do both: everyone knows you can waterski at the beach.

Wednesday 12/20: Monochromatic day – Choose a color; now make an outfit existing of only that color. That’s what monochromatic day is, only one color for your entire outfit. 

Thursday 12/21: Ugly Sweater Day – This is the last day of GOFA, so grab your ugliest sweater and throw it on. Show your school spirit by finding the craziest, three-dimensional holiday crew-neck-cable-knit-Christmas craft, add some lights and extra decorations, then enter the Ugly Sweater Competition during the final pep fest. Start the holidays in style.

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