GOFA: Get Giesen Groomed!


Muhammad Fadlia, Staff Writer

One of the oldest yet unforgettable GOFA traditions is run by social studies teacher Mr. Giesen: the “Haircut Fundraiser.” This doesn’t mean that someone would be cutting or styling your hair, although that would could be pretty cool; in fact, it means that a certain teacher will fall under the ax… or clippers, as the case may be.

According to Mr. Giesen, the Haircut Fundraiser is “just another unique way for students to get involved in GOFA- by donating money towards me getting a really awkward haircut.” When asked why he does it, he says, “It started in ’08 when my room-neighbor Mr. Bain raised money in his class to give me a weird haircut (which I was willing to do because it’s just hair). I’ve been doing it myself most years since.” With something entertaining like this, there can be many different yearly thresholds. Giesen states, “Each year usually brings in between 500 to 800 dollars. This year has three separate thresholds at 250, 500, and 750 dollars.”  These are the outcomes of the thresholds depending on the goals reached:

   “M-5” – Thresholds at $250/$500/$750

                $250 – Mustache + Mutton Chops

                $500 – Mohawk + Mullet

                $750 – “Mermaid” – dye the ‘party in the back’ with Purple, Pink, and Teal

Hoping to reach the goals, Giesen says, ” As soon as we cross the thresholds, I get my hair cut, so kids get to look at someone looking ridiculous for charity.” Suppose some believe seeing a teacher with a strange haircut would be entertaining. In that case, interested students are encouraged to donate. Mr. Giesen can be found in room 2-102 on the second floor of Mayo High School.