Seniors for rent: money well-spent


Gavin Hart, Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted the luxury of being able to boss around someone older than you for a day or two? Have them do whatever you want, whenever you want? Have them be at your beck and call, with no talking back or reprisals? Look no further, as Rent-a-Senior will grant you that luxury, for the low price of only $5!

Seniors can sign up from the 1st to the 7th for $5. Underclassmen and juniors who are looking to rent a senior can sign up from the 8th to the 14th for the previously mentioned $5. The renters also have a choice as to who they decide to rent. Renting occurs on the 19th and the 20th, for either one or both days. Rented seniors follow the renter throughout the school day. The seniors will be excused from their classes, and renters must attend their scheduled classes. 

Some of the things the seniors can do include carrying their backpack, note taking, tutoring, buying lunch, getting them coffee, serenading, and driving the rentee around. However, if the renter has a test in their class, the senior cannot help or take the test for them. There are no set rules surrounding Rent-a-Senior, however anything unethical that would get either party in trouble is prohibited. All school rules must be followed at all times; commons sense should be your guide. Juniors are allowed to leave campus with the senior, only on their open hours, however. This does not allow juniors to skip their scheduled classes.

You can sign up for Rent-a-Senior with the Student Government Linktree (link provided below or can be found in their Instagram bio, @mayostudgov) or at the Student Government table in the cafeteria. Payments must be made online, which can be found in the form, or can be given in cash at the Student Government table.

The proceeds from Rent-a-Senior go towards GOFA and the Dorothy Day House. This experience isn’t only going towards a great cause, it can be a memorable and unique experience for both the renter and rentee, and friends can be made with this event. If you have any questions, please find the Student Government table, find one of your Student Government representatives around the building, or contact Daniel Parker by email or his classroom in the door 6 popout.


Information provided from Elena Meves, Rhys Van Ert and Mr. Parker.