Watch out… It’s Paranoia!

Daniela Cruz Torres, Staff Writer

It’s December and the season of GOFA, so you know what that means.

For Mayo Spartans, it’s time for Paranoia! Run!

Each year as part of a GOFA activity Mayo hosts an all grade game called paranoia. It is fully organized by Mr. Terpstra and sign up starts December 2-8 with only a small fee of five dollars. You can sign up with your social studies teacher. They should post a link to a google form on google classroom, fill that out, give your teacher the fee and you’re in. If you do not have a social studies teacher go to your most recent one and they can help you sign up. 

Once you’re signed up you will get your target’s name from your teacher on a piece of paper on Tuesday December 13. The game will officially start after second hour on December 14. Paranoia is just like tag but more thrilling. The objective of the game is to tag out the person you have before someone tags you out. The person with the most tags and who is still in the game will get a prize of $75. And the person last standing in regardless if they have the most tags or not will get $25.

There are of course some rules to the game you have to follow when playing. For starters follow the Mayo School of conduct code; there is also no after school paranoia so you cannot be waiting for your person outside of the building. 

Some other rules of the game include the following:

  1. You must give up your slip when tagged out.
  2. There is a zero tolerance policy on any violence.
  3. You are only allowed to tag people in hallways. 
  4. There is no tagging in classrooms or outside of the school.
  5. And finally have fun!

The game will end on the final pep fest for GOFA, December 22 and all funds gathered will go to the Dorothy Day House and Women’s shelter. So don’t be paranoid, go on and participate; you’ll have a great time!