Do not fear, Dr. Mayo is here


Macyn Hayft, Staff Writer

Calling all Mayo High School juniors and seniors, applications to become Dr. Mayo are now open! Every December, upperclassmen compete to raise the most money for GOFA and gain the legendary title of Dr. Mayo. Competitors work hard to excite the crowd at pep fests, finding many unique ways to raise at least $100 per week. The contestant who raises the most money will be announced at the final pep fest as 2022’s Dr. Mayo!

Dr. Mayo enthusiasts are frequently seen selling snacks or baked goods around the school. Be sure to carry cash to purchase some of your annual favorites, like the infamous hot cocoa or oreo balls. You could also support the candidates by donating money directly to your choice!

If you are interested in becoming Dr. Mayo, click the link located at the bottom of the article to sign up. It is important to remember that contestants must raise at least $100 per week to stay in the game. If there are any questions, be sure to message @Mayostudgov on Instagram. 

Stay tuned to The Advocate to read about this years’ Dr. Mayo contestants!