The true meaning of GOFA


Macyn Hayft, Staff Writer

Snow is in the air, the cozy holiday feelings are all around, and with that comes the extremely anticipated GOFA season, an annual fundraising event held by Mayo High School staff and students for supporting the Dorothy Day House and the Women’s Shelter. During this time, students demonstrate the true spirit of caring and put the meaning in what GOFA stands for: Give One For All.

With a focus on the health, safety, and happiness of all in our Rochester community, Mayo High School students and staff work hard every year to raise money for the Dorothy Day House and the Women’s Shelter. Both of these institutions have given individuals and families the help and care they need to survive; really, they give them another chance to find happiness and safety. The Spartans play their part in making those efforts sustainable year after year.

The Dorothy Day House has been providing hospitality to homeless residents of Rochester for 38 years. The House is open from 4pm – 9am daily, offering laundry facilities and serving dinner, coffee, and snacks. The House is named after Catholic journalist Dorothy Day, who believed in feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless. Mayo High School has been donating money annually to the Dorothy Day House, and another organization known as the Women’s Shelter and Support Center. 

The Women’s Shelter is an organization that serves individuals impacted by domestic abuse. They serve nearly 4,000 victims annually, and house around 400-500 individuals. Executive director, Artyce Thomas, stated that with the GOFA donation money, the Women’s Shelter “can provide warm meals to victims and their families throughout southeastern Minnesota, transportation services in the form of bus passes, as well as Lyft [and] Uber rides, train tickets, and gas cards to assist survivors on their journey to safety.” Ms. Thomas also noted that without the GOFA donations, the shelter would have to turn away many families in need.

GOFA month is an exciting time, anticipated by many Mayo High School students and staff. By bringing cash to school daily, you get the chance to participate in many fun activities, buy sweet snacks, and donate to charities helping the many citizens of Rochester.

There are many ways to get involved in this month full of festivities. The first and easiest way to get involved is participating in the daily dress up days held by members of the MHS student government. If dressing up in crazy outfits is not your speed, there’s no need to worry. There are many other activities to be involved in. The Beatnik talent show is being held on December 16th during lunch hours in the auditorium. Boys, be sure to save your energy for powderbuff, the boys volleyball tournament on December 21st at 8 pm. 

There are many other ways to support GOFA, such as getting your car detailed by Mayo Clinic’s auto shop students. You can enter the competition to find a hidden medallion by yourself or with a group of friends. The forms needed to get your car detailed and join the scavenger hunt are both found on the Mayo student government’s Instagram page. 

Don’t forget this: deep down, GOFA is not about the number of candy canes sold, nor the winning BINGO card. It’s not about being the best in Paranoia, not about winning the class competition of Penny Wars, nor any bragging rights about the amount of money raised. With the sweet holiday feelings in the air, the best way to celebrate GOFA is to help make Rochester a better place. By participating in the fun activities Mayo High School is hosting, you are helping to care for local citizens in need. This season, put the “G” in GOFA, and Give One For All; show Rochester the amazing spirit of compassion that we Spartans have. Genuinely consider the feelings and needs of those suffering in our community, and do your part to give them a safer, happier holiday season.