What is a GOFA Cameo?


Gavin Hart, Staff Writer

Teacher Cameos are Dynamo! 

Ever wanted to hear a teacher say something completely outlandish (but still school-appropriate)? With the help of the Student Government and GOFA, that is now possible!

Students can fill in their school-appropriate message request using the Student Government Linktree (provided below or in their Instagram bio, @mayostudgov), as well as the teacher of their choice for just $10!  The requested teacher will then film the video, say your message, and will send the video straight to you! 

You can pay using CashApp or PayPal methods found in the Linktree, or if you’d like to use cash, you can give your $10 to Rocco Ruggeri. If the preferred teacher declines your request, you will not be charged and your money will be returned. If you have further questions, contact Rhys Van Ert, Rocco Ruggeri, or Daniel Parker around the school or via email.

Proceeds will go towards GOFA and the Dorothy Day House. 


Information/graphic courtesy of Rhys Van Ert.