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New Burrito place rolls downtown: is it worth it?


Big Head Burrito, Rochester’s newest spot for burritos and tacos, has opened its doors for those who have an appetite for big burritos with big flavors, so they say. Earlier this year on March 13th, the restaurant jumped onto the downtown restaurant scene. Is this place a good contender to out-sell other Mexican eateries in Rochester?

First off, the building itself is appealing. located at 308 1st Avenue NW, in Rochester, next to Tilda’s Pizza and across from The Hyatt. Outside it looks colorful, painted in bright teal and dark violet colors – hard to miss it. Then walking in, it’s a completely different experience. The color palette inside consists of just white and gray, along with bright orange on one wall. The colors together make it look like an office building or the waiting room in a hospital, but even if it looked a little boring on the inside, the place was still clean and much roomier than other local establishments.

Now for the price tag: things cost about what you’d expect. First off, the street tacos go for $12 for four, with a few different types of ingredients and a choice between corn or flour tortillas, which is standard for most places. 

Burritos range from $12 up to $17 dollars. There is also an option to build your own, which starts at $7 and includes “a flour tortilla and cilantro-lime rice,” then you can add for toppings, which range in price from $0 to $6. You can either make it a burrito or a bowl. Meat options range from $4 to $6. In the add-ons option there is a grand total of 9 options (cheddar cheese, cilantro, fajita peppers and onion, pepper jack cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole, queso blanco, and creamy jalapeno corn) with only 3 of them costing extra to add from $2 – $3. The canned drinks are $1.50 each; a bottle of water costs $2. 

Saving the best for last, what about the taste? Let’s begin with the street tacos. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I did not like the street tacos very much. The tortillas felt dry, bland, and were just a chore to chew through, although my brother disagreed, saying, “it’s not that bad.” There are many options to dial in the taco you’d like, and the ingredients are very fresh, as attested to by the pictures in this review. 

Finally the burrito, enormous and hefty, lived up to the big size the company advertises, but does it live up to the claim of “big flavor”? It’s safe to say that they did; the burritos were delicious but also blistering hot and moist, which turned away a friend who accompanied us, because the tortilla was soggy. However, eating the burritos was a very enjoyable experience for my brother and me. The burrito was very flavorful, and the meat (barbacoa) tasted fresh. My friend believed that “the burrito was massive, [but] could’ve had more meat, but it was very filling.” He was unable to fully finish the burrito due to its enormous size.

Overall if you’re feeling really hungry, you should try out this place. I recommend it highly and give it 4 out of 5 stars, deducting only a point because the place is a little more expensive than what Taco Bell offers. 

Click here for the menu.

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