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Mochinut: a trendy spot? …or not


Mochinut is a popular, new bakery that offers items ranging from their signature donuts and drinks to the Korean corn dogs, though many wonder if it’s worth the trip.

Mochinut is a popular brand of donuts, and the establishment is owned by Jaewook Ha, who started Mochinut back on March 13th, 2020. They are known for their donuts which are made with rice flour, which allows them to have a chewy texture, much more so than that of regular donuts. 

The new bakery opened back in January and has been highlighted by its very trendy appearance. With all the neon lights paired with the modern ambiance it’s right out of an influencer’s dream. Located at 102 20th St SE Suite 600, Rochester, MN 55904 the unique establishment offers not only a “tight” drive-through but also a nice indoor seating area and a kiosk, which provides a great deal of convenience for their customers.

When I first arrived, I could choose between kiosk and face-to-face ordering. Being from Minnesota, we decided to go for the kiosk. I was appalled by the price of $3.50 for a single donut, but we wanted to see if it was worth the price. As noted earlier, their menu consists of items from fried Korean corn dogs to their signature mochi donuts, spanning 11 different flavors, but they do have a rotating menu every day so not all flavors are available. We decided to order a half a dozen donuts. The flavors were funnel cake, cookies and cream, Nutella, lemon, guava, and pistachio. We also ordered a half-and-half potato corn dog, and Thai tea, so the total cost was about $30.25 before tax. Although we realized the kiosk did not take cash, the staff happily accommodated our cash payment. Despite our ordering quite late, the wait time was only about 10 minutes, and the staff were friendly and efficient.

While we waited, we took in the restaurant’s ambience. The inside of Mochinut is bright, welcoming, and clean, making it a nice, inviting space to stay in, and there are many spots to sit and dine comfortably; their décor fit their theme.

When we tried the donuts, they had a very interesting, chewy texture and were denser than a normal donut. We each tried all 6 flavors, and they all tasted okay, but I could tell they were not fresh. They definitely looked better than they tasted. According to one customer, “The donuts are only good when they’re fresh.” It would be nice if Mochinut had a lighted sign in the window, like Krispy Kreme does, telling customers when the donuts were being made, so you could time your visits accordingly.

Then we had the half-and-half corn dog, which was half corndog and half cheese then deep fried with little potato cubes; the fried batter had quite the sweet taste to it, so it was pretty good for a corndog, definitely unique. Then we had the Thai bubble tea, which was good, actually better than most served in other bubble tea places around town.

Whether you order take out, dine in, or use the drive-through, the options all cater to different preferences. Though its aesthetically appealing and varied menu, it is worth noting that Mochinut’s prices are on the higher end, considering that this isn’t the place to get a quality meal. In fact, while at the establishment, I heard one customer state, “It’s something new for people in Rochester, which is pretty cool, but the price is the only drawback.” The service was polite and efficient, but the wait time was a bit average, mainly because we did have to wait for our corndog.

Overall, I wanted to like Mochinut and was glad to see something new in Rochester, but the food doesn’t stick out to me like I was hoping for. As noted, the donuts are pretty subpar when they are not fresh, and the price is a bit on the steep end, especially for single donuts. The whole place was very nice, and the service was great, so on a scale of 10, I would rate this a 6 out of 10.


Photos by Ryan Huynh

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