Southtown Singers coming to town 


Amina Cisija, Staff Writer

The Southtown Singers are ringing their sleigh bells and singing to Spartans everywhere today through their fundraiser called “Southtown Caroling Telegrams!” All day Wednesday, December 22nd, The Southtown Singers will be delivering your carols that you have purchased to your friends during their classes.

Want to have fun with your friends or make someone smile? By purchasing a telegram you can fill the room with music and good cheer, maybe send a nice telegram to that special someone, or perhaps you can convince your teacher to have mercy on you, your classmates, and everyone’s grades! 

There are five songs available to choose from on the sign up sheet. It may cost $20, but it is definitely worth it because these beautiful voices come together in harmony for the holidays. It can’t help but put a smile on the face of anyone able to hear them singing.

In order to sign up for The Southtown Singers to sing for your friends during their class, you must go through the GOFA Linktree! The link for the GOFA Linktree is here. It must be paid in cash either to Mrs. Humke, Logan Ackerman, Will Laudon.

The Southtown Singers truly appreciate your support; in fact, they have already raised $250 and counting… the orders keep coming in!

Here are all of The Southtown Singers, so if you recognize anyone’s name, be sure to compliment them on their talented performances: 


Logan Ackerman

Nex (Reislyn) Batt

Madeline Behfar

Katelyn Benschoter

Sydney Brown

David Caynor

Saffi Cheney

Ruby Ebbert

Tennyson Fuhrer

Hannah Hammond

Sammy Hart

Abigail Jacobson

Silas Jelle

Jamal King-Lunde

Will Laudon

Lorelai Lewis

Ramla Maani

Colin Massah

Olivia Nelson

Madelyn Pretzer

Ryan Robinson

Luke Shaffer

Rhys Van Ert

Avery Walz

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