Santiago Garza, Staff Writer

Want to win some awesome prizes? GOFA bingo has finally arrived, and this is all you need to know to get started! To buy bingo cards all you have to do is find people with GOFA buckets in the halls and classrooms (usually along with candy canes). Something worth noting is that there is no limit to how many bingo cards can be bought per person (bingo cards are $1). Bingo will go on for the rest of the month of December, and there will be a variety of prizes and ways to win. The main goal is to get a blackout, which in return will get you a $100 gift card (1 winner). The other ways to win include filling in a row, column (120 winners), all corners (4 winners), or by filling out the letter M, A, Y, O. (4 winners)

The reward for winning the four corners or the M, A, Y, or O is a king-sized candy bar. If you win through a column or row, you’ll get a regular-sized candy bar. The more cards you purchase the higher the chance is of winning!

Here are the numbers that have been called out so far:

B15, G58, I25, I27, G48, O61, B13, N44, N43, N42, G52, N37, N32, O64, B9, 072, 069, 065, I16, I18, G50 – AS OF 2:42, December 7th.