GOFA pep fests start Friday, Dec. 3


Jacob Hanson, Staff Writer

The start of December’s GOFA season has begun, bringing many great events to Mayo High School. To kick it all off, there will be an AM pep fest this Friday, December 3rd. This pep fest will be in the gym and divided by grade with the 9th and 12th grades together, then the 10th and 11th graders coming in afterwards.

The bell schedule for that day is listed below.

The second pep fest has been scheduled for Friday, December 9th as an AM pep fest (same Schedule). The pep fest will be in the gym and grouped the same: 9th grade with 12th grade first, and 10th grade with 11th grade second.

The next pep fest will be on Wednesday, December 22nd with more information to be determined. Check in later for more updates.

The final one will be on Wednesday, the 22nd. Check back later for updates!

GOFA kickoff pep fest Friday (12_03)