Spartan Bowling: A Few Words from the Captain


Tyler Almon, Staff Writer

A strike with only knocking down 9 pins on the first throw? According to Mayo Spartan Bowling team captain, Jordan Timbeross, it’s called 9 pin no tap and it’s another way to bowl a “perfect” game. While you are gathering school supplies for the new school year the Spartan bowling team is gearing up for a new season. The team won the State Championship in 2019 and are hoping to do it again.

As the season came to a close, Captain Jordan Timbeross reflected on his strengths, weaknesses, winning the state championship, his teammates and love of bowling. “My grandpa was an amazing bowler, and now my parents bowl, which is what got me interested in bowling,” Timbeross said. He has been bowling for about 10 years now and still loves it today. Depending on what time of the year it is, bowling can either be a leisure activity or competition for Timbeross. During the off season he bowls in a youth league to keep his skills sharp. Routine is a strength for Timbeross, finding that it creates consistency and improves his game. He goes on to admit that he would like to improve upon his mental game: “Oftentimes I seem to get into my head and overthink things which causes me to mess up and not perform as adequately as I know I can.” Distractions like listening to music are a way to get back into focus.

The team practices once a week at Bowlocity for a couple of hours, but getting in extra practice, away from the team, helps to focus on individual skills. Timbeross will practice for an extra hour, at least two to three more times a week. Along with practice, the team does drills, “baker” or mock matches, and stretches to prepare for competitions. His technique and skills developed so much that although he has never bowled a perfect game competitively, he did experience that thrill with a 9 pin no tap “perfect” game while bowling just for fun.

Winning the state championship in 2019 was one of the best experiences in Timbeross’s life and a highlight for the team and school. It’s a great achievement for all the time and work that the team put into the season. 

One of the persistent strengths of the team that leads to their success becomes obvious when Timbeross discusses the bond among his teammates, whom he refers to as his second family: “They are all super hard working, and I couldn’t be more proud of the things we are all able to achieve together. They are very persistent and never give up even in the lowest of our lows. They all strive to be the best they can and always are wanting to do whatever it takes to improve their games, while also being supportive of one another so that our game as a team can improve.”