Spider-Man Miles Morales swings into gamers’ hearts 


The follow-up video game to the first in the Spiderman franchise is out now. Will the sequel be better than the first, or will it get caught up in a web of mistakes? Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales (rated Teen) for the ps4 and the ps5 is a continuation to the 2018 ps4 Spider-Man game, and in this new game we get to see the new up incoming Miles Morales take on the role of Spider-Man, as his mentor Peter Parker leaves on vacation. The main character is tasked with protecting New York City and all of its residents from various enemies. In this single player game, you get to feel like Spider-Man again with an amazing storyline, graphics, and swinging mechanics. 

The campaign is outstanding and easy to follow, but it is also very short compared to the previous game. The story shows that the main character is much newer to the hero life than Peter Parker, but Miles is also closer to the people of New York City. You can see the struggle of the main character trying to fill the shoes of his mentor Peter Parker, but towards the end, he figures out he has to be Spider-Man in his own way and not to try to fill anyone else’s shoes.

This game improves upon the graphics of the previous game, but it still has a couple of glitches that I think will get fixed as the updates come in, like when you reach half way through the campaign, the game just pauses for a couple of seconds and then runs smoothly.

The game overall is easy to pick up for new gamers trying to find a great game to play, but if you want a challenge, of course you can put the game on the hardest setting. The game only has three modes: easy, medium, and hard. I prefer to use medium, for a balanced game where it’s not too hard but not too easy too. The controls are also very easy to learn from swinging building to building or fighting enemies, but the only hard thing about the controls is that if you played the previous game you have to get used to the new features this time around.

This game builds upon the previous one in the series; however, as is the case with all new features in games, when some are added – others get removed. We got three new gadgets to the game, but all the gadgets from the previous game got removed. The new main features that this Spider-Man has that are not in the previous game are that the main character can use something called a “Venom Punch” where he builds up stamina; when it reaches a certain point, he can use attacks with high voltage electricity. Also the main character can turn invisible for a certain amount of time, but it takes a couple of seconds to recharge that power. 

Side missions and other things to do besides the campaign keep you coming back to the game. Beyond that, if you finish the single player story and would like a challenge, you can play the mode called “New Game+” – it is the same game, but it is more challenging than the hardest difficulty and also unlocks new power ups and suits for the main character. 

Overall, Spider-Man Miles Morales was a very entertaining and easy game to follow. Although I wish that the campaign was longer and that they kept some of the original gadgets, I’m looking forward to playing the side missions and exploring in “New Game+” mode. I’m excited to swing into the next game.