Netflix Review: iZombie

Brogan Maxwell, Sports Editor

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Zombies seem to be an overplayed theme in film and television, with AMC’s popular “The Walking Dead,” and all the B films on Syfy. These takes on the genre exemplify a similar tone throughout and that gets monotonous. The zombie’s genre just feels, er, dead. So how does iZombie stack up to all of its carcass-centered competition? Well it does quite well actually. The well-hearted fun that is iZombie breathes in some much-needed fresh air into this genre. This show is a cop show first and foremost, and a damn good one at that. Having tropes of Psych and Monk make this a great combination between eating brains and brainy detective work.

Liv Moore is the lead character for the series and the lead zombie. Before becoming a zombie, she had her whole life planned. She was engaged to marry the man she loves and pursue a career as a surgeon. Getting scratched from the zombie villain of the show changed that whole plan. A brush with a pack of party-crashing zombies derailed her promising career and she began working at a morgue to allow her to have easy access to her choice of nourishment — brains. Liv also had to break it off with her love interest for fear of it being too drastic of a change for him and their relationship. So where does that leave her? Well, Liv decides to takes all these negatives life has thrown her and turn it into a positive. Now that she is a zombie Liv experiences moments of the deceased’s lives, in which she consumed. So each murder victim has parts of their life resonate with Liv and help show her who killed them. Along with being able to see past actions Liv showcases attributes of the murder-making hijinks and awkward situations ensue. With the help of her colleague, Ravi, the hopeful creator of the zombie cure and detective Babineaux no bad guy or bad zombie is safe.

This series is fun. It isn’t gruesome or gory. It isn’t laugh-out-loud funny, but it is a good-hearted romp. It is easy going in all its facets. At certain points it feels like a drama, and at others witty banter is ensuing. This show plays out many cards and all are executed with ease and it makes iZombie the best zombie show on television.

Final Score: Eat it up like a brain.

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