Top Ten Restaurants in Rochester

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Top Ten Restaurants in Rochester

Katelin Shaft and Maggie Mynderse

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(Listed in no particular order)

  • Newts


Voted the best burger in Rochester year after year, what is a best Rochester restaurant list without the holy grail of burger places – Newts? Newts is a perfect place to stop by for a casual dinner or even a quick bite to eat during your lunch break. It’s affordable and delicious!


  • Tonic


Tonic is a fantastic restaurant in the heart of Rochester that provides a unique atmosphere to the thrones of bars and grills that envelope Rochester. Tonic is fresh, organic, and expensive and prides itself on it’s delicious pressed juices and even better – their Mac & Cheese with bacon!


  • City Market


Voted Rochester’s Best Deli and Sandwiches for the past seven years, City Market provides the greatest New York style sandwiches and one of a kind spreads in all of Rochester! Add to that their signature salads and soups, City Market is the perfect place to relax and veg out.


  • The Loop


The Loop has something for everyone! From their delicious Jalapeno Mac Burger to their very own Salamon Lo Mein, their menu provides a mixture of sweet and spicy that can easily cater to even the pickiest of eaters. For an added bonus, their mac and cheese side dish and delicious garlic fries can satisfy to the max!


  • ZZest


ZZest is by far the most unique restaurant on this hardy list. ZZest prides itself on catering food items that you most likely won’t find at any other eatery in Med City. Their menu ranges from Braised Lamb to Sea Scallops to Skordalia. If you are looking for an exciting place to experiment your taste palate, this is your go-to place.


  • Terza


Terza is an authentic italian ristorante located in the heart of the city. If you are someone who expects Terza to be much like Olive Garden, you thought wrong. Terza prides itself on it’s non-americanized menu that explores the depths of italian cuisine like Spaghetti Carbonara and mouthwatering pizzas.


  • Whistle Binkie’s


Whistle Binkie’s is a classic here in Rochester. If you ever desire to go to a high energy bar and grill that’s always bustling with activity, Whistle Binkie’s is your kind of place. This bar and grill hosts you American classics such as chicken tenders and burgers, and  one of the best Walleye sandwiches in the city.


  • Mango Thai


Coming from someone with incredibly picky taste when it comes to food, I would have bet my home that I would never like Thai food and especially not Mango Thai. Boy, was I wrong. Their Thai food is downright amazing. Not only is their food tender and savory, the atmosphere makes this place worthwhile. It’s small, but open, modern, but humble. Mango Thai is most definitely an underrated treasure here in the Med City.


  • Chester’s


I don’t think you can make a ‘Best of Rochester’ list without having Chester’s on it. Chester’s consistently ranks highly among food critics here in Rochester – and it is well deserved. Their menu hosts an assortment of dishes that are tasty and very filling. The food is definitely worth the cost.


  • Mr. Pizza North


I have come to the conclusion that you cannot make a restaurant list without highlighting a great pizza joint. Mr. Pizza’s pizza is just plain good. Its spicy and the thin crust pizza is to die for. All in all, 10/10 would recommend.

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