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The Rise Of Girls Wrestling


Mayo High School has always been a hub of athletic excellence, with teams talented in several sports; however, this year brought an exciting and fun addition to the school’s athletic roster: the launch of a girls wrestling team. Breaking traditional barriers, and expanding opportunities for athletes and fostering inclusivity and diversity within the school community.

Jerriona Marshall takes third place at the State Tournament.

The decision to establish a girls wrestling team at Mayo High School stems from a fast growing nationwide sport. With the number of girls interested in the program increasing from 4 to now the 15 girls on the team, Mayo recognized the need to provide a platform for the girls to pursue their love and passion for the sport. Jerriona Marshall, one of the girls who has already been wrestling for Mayo before the girls team was created believes, “It’s great. I hope it keeps growing.”

Although the increase in the number of girls participating in wrestling is celebrated, there’s also some very minor issues the girls team faces. Despite the great growth, challenges persist as the team operates within the framework of a combined girls and boys practice. “I hope in the future, there are more girl-focused practices,” Marshall stated. Unfortunately with only one coach for both the boys and girls teams the logistics of making that happen are difficult. It requires adaptation, flexibility, patience, and understanding from both the athletes and the coach. 

Emmalyn Carisch defeats her opponent to add to her victories.

In the face of these small challenges. The girls wrestling team remains resilient and united. Despite the combined team practices, Marshall believes, “It’s like a really big family.” With over 80 teammates, the Spartan Wrestling Team has evolved into a tightly-knit family, where laughter and encouragement pushes everyone through the more difficult practices on the mat. 

Mayo retains bragging rights as City Champs, beating both John Marshall and Century.

Looking ahead, the girls wrestling team has ambitious goals for the future. Beyond personal growth and skill development, the team wishes to see more of their members qualify for state-level competitions, cementing their place among the elite. In addition, there’s a desire for increased team bonding, fostering more growth to become an even stronger unit. 

As the first season of Mayo High School’s first ever girls wrestling team has ended, there’s an undeniable sense of pride and accomplishment among all the members. Despite the small bumps they’ve faced, their journey has been incredible. They look towards the future with optimism and determination. Together, they stand as shining examples of empowerment, proving that with dedication and support, your dreams can become a reality. The journey of the girls wrestling team at Mayo High School is far from over, and if you are even just a little bit interested in joining the big family, Jerriona Marshall shouts, “DO IT”.

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