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New Mexican Bakery arrives in Town! Is it any good?


Not that long ago, on February 26, a new bakery opened up here in Rochester offering unique products with a wide range of variety.

Don Panchos is the name of this new, Mexican-style bakery, offering traditional baked goods, with a focus on “Pan Dulce” (Sweet Bread). The owners originally opened their business in St. Paul but have now opened a second bakery here in Rochester, located where Fiddlehead coffee used to be, near Fresh Thyme Market, in the Miracle Mile shopping plaza.

Upon entering the establishment, the first thing one sees is a wide assortment of bread products, pastries, desserts and more, tempting those who love sweet-tasting foods. All the products are displayed on transparent counters and look freshly baked and crisp. One cannot help noticing how the scent of the place is quite pleasing, with the rich smell of freshly-baked bread filling the lobby.

The atmosphere of the bakery itself is unique as well; not much has changed since its predecessor Fiddlehead was in business, although now you will be surrounded by tasty bread, delicious cakes, and artful culinary creations.

Upon ordering some Conchas (“Seashell” sugary bread), Churros, and Pan “Birote” (Small baguette style loaf), the bakery’s staples, I noticed the high quality of these products; they are freshly made, baked just long enough so that they aren’t burnt nor too soft.

Another thing I should note is that the staff were welcoming and generous when purchasing the baked goods.

The total cost of my purchase came to around $10, which for a few items wasn’t too shabby, and the overall quality and taste of them really stand out.

Some of my friends and family agreed on the quality of the baked goods. “It was good. I bought some Conchas and a few other breads, although I thought it was a bit too expensive.” 

Another family member had similar thoughts: “I also liked it; the quality is better than other Mexican bakeries here in town, but the pricing could be better.”

There’s no doubt that the bakery is doing quite well, and its staple, “Conchas,” will most likely keep the business afloat, that is if the pricing doesn’t start to scare off its customers, although for me the prices are fair and worth the cost, due to top grade preparation and artful execution of the bakery’s products.

Don Panchos bakery is a great place for those who may want to try new and traditional bread from Mexican roots, with a great variety of products and guaranteed freshness. It’s no surprise why customers are thrilled to have this bakery in town.

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