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Southtown Singers and the Mayo Jazz Collective perform for free this week


Preparation for a collection of spring concerts has been underway, and the last show is coming up this week. Mayo’s orchestra, band, and choir have had their respective spring concerts in the past two to three weeks. These programs hold concerts periodically throughout the year to showcase the students’ growth as an ensemble. The Jazz band and Southtown singers are offering their second concert performance of the school year on Tuesday, March 14th. The admission is free, and the show starts at 7pm in the school’s auditorium. You are encouraged to bring friends and family to come and enjoy the show.

The Southtown Singers are hand picked by Mrs. Humke to highlight the talented vocalists in Mayo. This group is separate from a choir class during school hours. The same goes for the Jazz band; through countless auditions, Mr. Cole selects the best candidates who represent Mayo’s very talented musicians. Both groups practice relentlessly outside of school to perfect the set lists they have compiled, in order to give their audience the best experience possible.

The Jazz band only has three concerts throughout the year, and it is even rarer that vocalists make appearances. This will not only be an entertaining show, but you will surely regret missing out on such a captivating performance. Two talented groups have put together an entire set list, including songs such as In My Life by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder, as well as jazz collectives featuring Duke Ellington, Chick Corea, and Thelonious Monk. 

With around 23 vocalists and a jazz ensemble of around 40 musicians, the stage will be packed, full of promise. Samuel Rossi, a saxophonist from the Jazz Band said that, “People should come to the Jazz Band concert for jazz and choral music, as well as to show support for the music department and the students.” Since jazz is very uplifting and typically fast paced rhythmic music, there will not be a dull moment all night long. 


Here is the set list:


Southtown Singers and the Mayo Jazz Collective

Tuesday, March 12, 2024 

7:00 pm—MHS Auditorium

Jazz Collective 

Spain by Chick Corea, arr. Jennings 

Golden Cress by Duke Ellington, tr. Crenshaw 

Another Bump in the Road

Fever by Davenport/Cooley, arr. Holmes

Jazz Combo 

Recorda Me by Joe Henderson

Southtown Singers 

Pulse by Robert T. Gibson 

In My Life by John Lennon & Paul McCartney, arr. Steve Zegree 

Orange Colored Sky by Nat King Cole, arr. Kirby Shaw 

Java Jive, art. Kirby Shaw 

Dance the Night by Dua Lipa, arr. Rob Dietz

Jazz Collective 

Addi by Duke Ellington, tr. Crenshaw 

Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder, arr. Tomaro 

Crazy Rhythm by Meyer/Kahn, arr. Lewis 

Round Midnight by Thelonious Monk, arr. Wolpe 

The Chicken by Alfred James Ellis, arr. Berg

Combined Ensembles

Dixieland School Song, arr. Cole

Southtown Singers 

Valerie Anderson 

Nex Batt

Syd Brown

Teagan Brown 

Mary Daniels 

Mallorie Freshwater 

Morgan Fuglestad 

Nyla Grantham

Sydney Groehler 

Oliva Hafeman 

Hannah Hammond 

Sharon Lee 

Seraphina Liu 

Anna Wojcik 

Graham Cholakis

Peter Dougan 

Tennyson Fuhrer

Silas Jelle

Jamal King-Lunde 

Colin Massah 

Aaron Murphy 

Michael Roskop

Gus Weidenman


Jazz Band



Ben Casper

Theo Staff

Owen Van Brunt 

Ezra Vrieze

Nick Kania-Lachance 

Samuel Rossi

Jack Nagele 

Brooklyn Littlefield 

Sofia Campos 

Lillian Paulsen


Vocal Soloists 

Jamal King-Lunde 

Colin Massah 

Morgan Fuglestad



Daniel Meunier 

Dru Williams 

Brian Winter 

Nonie Foust 

Korbin Rollie 

Zsuzsa Baumann

Melissa Tieman 

Nathan Hardin 

Caleb Kennel

Oliver Delisle



Colten Kiehne 

Andrew Rogers 

Paul Fillmore 

Truman Lindloff 

Noah Davis 

Owen Keegan 

Lucas Do

Kierra Verna



Harry Scott



Oliver Borisch


Drums/ Percussion 

Alex Doughty

Olivia Hafeman

Ella Pacchetti



Max Kroeger 

Lucy Fulton 

Griffin Welty



James Bajzer


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