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A look back at GOFA

More money raised for GOFA than in any previous year

Mayo High School’s goal for GOFA last winter was 40 thousand dollars, but the school exceeded all expectations by raising a staggering amount of money! Throughout the month of December, students and staff participated in an array of events and activities to raise as much money as possible for the Dorothy Day Hospitality House and Rochester Women’s Shelter. This year’s goal was not just eclipsed; the school broke their own record, raising $68,339.36.

Although raising the money to help these two agencies provide care for those in our community, we should not forget all the fun events! One of the students’ favorites was Paranoia, a game of suspicion and mistrust. Students all paid an entry fee of $5 to be assigned a target, which they would try to find during the passing times between classes. Between classes, chaos would ensue, as friends worked with each other to catch their target player, or to evade those chasing them.

We can’t forget the weekly pep fests either, bringing the school together to promote the dress-up days and upcoming events. During those events, one of the most popular activities was the Mayo Minute, during which each grade was given one minute to raise as much money as possible, as Student Government members passed buckets around the bleachers; it was a frenzy of fun competition between the grades. 

A lot of money was raised through the efforts of selling food, but what took selling food to the next level was the competition called Professor Mayo, which put 16 teachers in an elimination-style bracket to see who would raise the most money every week; this competitive event managed to raise $35,343 alone! However, more than any other, one rivalry between two teachers riled up the students to raise more for their teachers: Mr. Jake Johnson and Mrs. Katheen Kuisle. Throughout the weeks, these two teachers on either side of the bracket were dominating their side. 

Ultimately, Mr. Jake Johnson, the AP Calculus BC teacher, managed to raise $15,284. Through the dedication of Mr. Johnson and his classes, they set up a cart with a constant flow of goods to sell. Students brought in donations of goods like Oreo balls and other goodies, although Mr. Johnson’s Cosco run with loads of chips, drinks, and other foods was a massive success, creating a huge market for students to access at any time. 

But that’s not all. Students would go out caroling, deliver pizza to the school, and take part in Penny Wars. There were silent auctions, Dr. Mayo competition, and Mango’s deadlift competition.  

GOFA is an amazing time of the year, uniting the entire school to raise money for these amazing organizations. Not only was the first year of Professor Mayo a massive success raising over half of the total money, but it was also the record for the most money raised. This experience shows all Mayo Spartans how powerful people can be when we come together to care for others.

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