Review of the historic Mayo Wrestling season

Connor Refsland, Staff Writer

The Mayo High School 2023 wrestling season is definitely one for the history books. Coach Trimble has been building these wrestlers into who he wants them to be since they were little. This year showed how his hard work, as well as the effort of every member of the team, is paying off. Most of the wrestlers for Mayo have been competing since they were in 6th grade or even sooner. Coach Trimble is very honored to have been their coach since day one. Although he has worked hard to raise these wrestlers, he gives all the credit to the kids for performing.

Spartan wrestlers watch their teammate during the State Competition.

Photo courtesy of LocalTodayNews

This season was very historic for many reasons, the first and biggest of all being that this is the first time ever that Mayo has gone to state for wrestling as a team since Mayo opened in 1966. The second reason involved Jerriona Marshall, who became the first female wrestler to compete at the individual state meet for Mayo, where she went on to take third place in her weight class. This was also a historic season because Coach Trimble and assistant coach Ties were named the Section 1AAA coaches of the year.

Coaches Art Trimble (left) and Joe Lawler, call out instructions and encourage one of the Spartan wrestlers.

Photo courtesy of  Post Bulletin

Along with wrestling the Mayo team also earned another great reward for something else, something outside of the gym. The team was honored for their outstanding GPA, receiving a Silver Award for Excellence by having a teamwide GPA of 3.466. This great achievement is an example to us all that a person can still be smart and academic-minded while also playing hard in a sport or other activity. 

Not only are Mayo wrestlers strong on the mat, but they are strong in the classroom.

Photo courtesy of Coach Trimble

As a team, Mayo did very well this season, but a few individuals shined in the individual state tournament. Jerriona Marshall placed third in the state. Dylan Peper and Logan Burger both took sixth place in their weight classes. The last of the four was Calder Sheehan, who took fifth place in his class.

Calder Sheehan is victorious and advances further into the State Competition.

Photo courtesy of Post Bulletin

Dylan Peper believed that the season felt normal. He has wrestled all of his life and just did what he had to. As a senior this year, his stats so far are amazing, with over 100 wins; more than 70 of those were pins. Currently Peper doesn’t have any plans to wrestle in college, but if given the chance he would take it immediately. He has a love for the sport and the memories it has brought him throughout his life.

Although individuals had their own successes, the whole team contributed to this fantastic season in some way. Everyone learned that encouraging others makes a difference when they are wrestling. The better they start, the better they finish. Although losing both matches at state, they still had a lot of fun, made memories they’ll always share, and made history for the school in many different ways.