The process of college applications: get the inside track

Samantha A. Valdez, Staff Writer

Do you have plans to  go to college but are unsure of how to get there? Are there parts of the process that seem confusing or are too far out of reach? College Inside Track (CIT) is a company that is coming to talk with Mayo High School students, from freshman to seniors, in need of help with applying for colleges or dealing with any of the parts of the process to get you where you want to go, at the university level. If you are interested, join their virtual meeting on March 16th at 7:00 p.m. This hour-long meeting will give you plenty of information to ease your mind and get you started. Scan the QR code to register in advance. 

College Inside Track specializes in streamlining the college application process. Their passion is to help families navigate all of the requirements and assist them in arranging their finances in the best way, so everyone can attend the school of their dreams. The meeting will inform you about the FAFSA forms (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). These documents help you receive financial aid to help pay for college. 

The speakers for CIT will also discuss how admissions have changed over the years and if some colleges will still require ACTS scores. Test prep and tutoring services will be covered. 

Although the meeting is free to join, in order to continue with them, you have to pay for their services. The cost will be more than a hundred dollars. First, CIT  will discover students’ strengths, weaknesses, and interests through self-assessments and parents’ financial questionnaires. Second, the company will make an initial strategy that will introduce resources and suggest colleges based on your financial, social, and academic records. Third, they will review and refine each applicant’s target college list. Fourth, they will coach you about writing college essays and even help you brainstorm ideas to write about. After that, CIT staff helps seniors complete all the final requirements for processing each university’s application, the FAFSA forms, and any other financial aid award analysis. 

97% of the people who pay for CIT’s packages will get accepted into at least one of their top three choices. Parents say that having another person involved helps give them gain another perspective and gives them a gentle push when necessary. Clearly, CIT is trying to minimize your stress, so you  can focus on other things. 

Although you may  decide not to purchase the package, you will still learn a great deal by attending the virtual meeting this Thursday night, the 16th. You will be able to ask questions and find other resources to assist you in your college process. It’s a good opportunity to hear from an expert about what to do if you are confused. However, if you do not wish to pay for the next package beyond the initial presentation, according to Mrs. Klubertanz, “a great starting point is to use the Counselor’s Google Classroom that is filled with post secondary resources.” The counselors have Google Classrooms for each graduating class; if you want to learn more, join them, using the code for your grade, listed below:

Google Classroom Codes for
– Class of 2023 = iskjfp5
– Class of 2024 = 4avcgwt
– Class of 2025 = upsnovn

So don’t forget; register today through the QR code, and get ready to start your college journey.


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