The Polar Plunge Tomorrow at Mayo


Conrad Hanson, Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to do something fun while helping charity? This particular thing is so fun that it’ll literally take your breath away.

Now’s your chance to get involved on March 16th Mayo High School is hosting the Special Olympics Mobile Polar Plunge, which challenges you to jump into a “frozen lake” to help raise money for charity. To make it easier for people to plunge, the organizers created the Mobile Polar Plunge: a pool on wheels.  

This will be the first time the mobile Polar Plunge will have ever been held at Mayo High School. This event helps bring awareness to the Special Olympics and the Unified programs here at Mayo High School. The Unified program includes Unified Physical Education and Unified Art, both of which are regular classes. There is also a Unified Club, which meets every Thursday morning from 7:45 to 8:15 in room 2-240. According to Mr. Thomas, the club’s moderator, “Unified is really excited to see how the word is spreading about inclusion here at Mayo High School. When our students with special needs are walking down the halls they’re seeing friends that they otherwise wouldn’t have connected with or talked with, so we are excited to see how the environment here at Mayo High School is becoming more inclusive.”

To participate in the Polar Plunge, you will need to sign up any time though Wednesday, March 16th at with a suggested minimum donation of $50, but if you can’t raise the $50, that’s all right; you can still participate. The organizers of this event recommend that if you choose to plunge, you should bring a change of clothes and a towel. Participants may dress in costumes or plunge in groups. The event will be held outside during the 8th hour of school, and participants will be dismissed part way through the 7th hour of school to get ready. 

Mr. Thomas went on to explain that Unified Spartans are “excited to see the growth of Unified here at Mayo High School. The number of students participating in both classes and clubs is growing exponentially or growing a lot so we are encouraged to see how many students and staff are getting involved.” He is also happy to see, “how many students and staff are getting involved in the polar plunge, especially since it’s our first time having it.” So please come and show your support for our fellow Spartans with special needs and help create a more inclusive environment here at Mayo High school.