Homecoming’s Big Weekend


Get ready for fun this Homecoming weekend, because there’s so much to do. It’s the opportunity we have been waiting for since before the pandemic began. Get out there and enjoy the celebration with your friends and Spartan family. There is so much to do and enjoy.

First we will have the last dress up day for the school week: Spirit day. Dress in Green and Gold and show some support for the school. How much school spirit do you think we can fit into one school? If you dress up we may find out. 

The 2021 Mayo Homecoming Top Five are

Front: (l-r) Erica Matey, Yasmin Ali, Mushtaaq Farah, Abby Garcia, and Abigail Jacobson

Back: Will Repede, Logan Ackerman, Leian Mulatre, and Noah Smith (Not Pictured: Chileshe Chitulangoma)

Then starting at 1:30, we will have the coronation to crown the Homecoming King and Queen. You can follow along and see all of the members of the Homecoming Royalty in the online copy of the brochure by going HERE. That pepfest is one of the highlights of the year, so don’t miss it. In fact, all of the class periods will be much shorter due to the fact that the pep fest will take up the last two hours of the day. You know the phrase “Time flies when you’re having fun”? The day will go speeding by on Friday. These are the hours for the school day on Friday.


Period 1: 8:20-8:54

Period 2: 8:59-9:33

Period 3: 9:38-10:12

Period 4: 10:17-10:51

Period 5: 10:56-11:30

Period 6: 11:35-12:09

Period 7: 12:14-12:48

Period 8: 12:53- 1:25

Coronation: 1:30-3:30

If you attend any C-TECH classes, you might miss, or be late for a couple of classes at Mayo, so for attendance purposes, have your parents call the Attendance Office to “parent request” that you be excused from Mayo classes. If you plan on missing C-TECH classes for the pep fest, have your parents call in to “parent request” that you be excused from C-TECH.

We will be meeting in the football stadium for the coronation of the King and Queen. Hope you’re ready to see who the two lucky people will be. After the coronation, we will have a parade which will start at 4:00. Bring your family and friends and grab all the candy you can. The route will come up 16th Street SE, so choose your spot with the best vantage point, set up chairs, and enjoy the celebration.

After the parade we have tailgating and then the football game at 7:00 against New Prague! Go Spartans! Be there for every touchdown. Cheer for the team. Let’s get them to 5-1. But wait; there’s more. The band will also be there. Please listen for the fight song and sing along, so it is so loud that it echoes into the nearby neighborhoods. 

When all of that is done and the last whistle blows, then next night we have one more thing. The Homecoming dance! If you haven’t already bought your tickets, Friday is the last day. The dance will be Saturday night at 7pm in the football stadium; it is centered around the theme of “masquerade.” Since that’s the case, besides your covid mask, why not wear a masquerade mask? This is a casual dress dance, but if you want there’s always the option to dress your best. Just don’t wear heels on the turf, since they’ll damage the surface.  Bring all the friends you can and have a great time. Have fun! This will be a great way to celebrate Homecoming and honor all the years of Spartan alumni.