Homecoming Dress Up Days


Mason Budd, Staff Writer

Homecoming is here!

Do you know what that means? Now the school can get into the spirit, and everyone can take part in dress up days again!! Now that we are back in person, let’s get back to the good old days and make this year like every other year; in fact, let’s make it even better.

Monday, October 4th: PJ Day. All you have to do for this day is get up from bed and get ready for school. Please find your most comfortable PJs and have a relaxing day.

Tuesday, October 5th: Jersey Day. Grab your favorite sports jersey and show some support for your team.

Wednesday, October 6th: Class color. (Freshmen: Yellow/Gold, Sophomores: Gray/ Silver, Juniors: White, Seniors: Black, Staff: Pink or Tie-Dye) For this dress up day let’s show our spirit by finding these colors and brightening up the hallways. Which color will reign supreme?

Thursday, October 7th: Fancy Day. Find your fanciest outfit and let’s show a little class in our classes.

Fri October 8th: Spirit Day. This is the day I’m sure everyone is excited for. Show off the school colors and how much school spirit you have.

Enjoy homecoming week and have fun!!!