Everything you need to know about Mayo Homecoming 2021


It may feel like a dream, but it’s happening… after over a year, the halls of Mayo High School are full again. At long last, Spartans can take part in in-person classes, see long-lost friends, and experience school spirit the likes of which they haven’t felt in months. It’s Homecoming season! Since it’s such a unique year, not everything is as one may suspect. So, to stay in the know, read on.

Homecoming is being celebrated at Mayo the week of April 19-23. A typical Homecoming includes dress-up days, pep rallies, a dance, a coronation, a football game, and more! Luckily, all is not lost in the Covid-19 era. Students can vote for a Homecoming king and queen already, with voting for the top 5 candidates open as of Thursday, April 15. Check your school email for a link to vote, and stay tuned for an announcement via PBIS video this coming Monday.

Next Friday, the 23rd, a coronation pep fest will be held in the gym during the 8th period to announce the Homecoming king and queen. Invitation to the gymnasium has been extended to seniors only, so students of all other grades must watch the event via livestream. For seniors who plan on attending, you will be excused from your 8th-period class.

In the week leading up to the coronation, students can take part in a classic Mayo tradition, untouched by Covid… dress-up days! The schedule for those days is as follows:

Monday – Pajama Day! Stay comfy today in slippers and a silk robe, or whatever else you wear to bed.

Tuesday – Beach Day! Common outfits include a Hawaiian shirt, straw hat, and sandals (don’t forget your sunblock).

Wednesday – Class Color Day! Freshman, wear green, Sophomores, yellow, Juniors, black, Seniors, white, and staff, tie-dye.

Thursday – Jersey Day! Show some support for your favorite sports team.

Friday – Spirit Day! Go all out with your green and gold, Spartan attire!

Lastly, for those desperate to sit in on high school athletic activities, there will be several home games to take the place of the usual football game. They are as follows:

Monday – Girls Lacrosse

Tuesday – Baseball and Boys Tennis

Thursday – Softball and Boys Tennis

Friday – Girls Lacrosse

Sadly, due to Covid-19 restrictions, there will be no dance, and no football game (this may be for the better for some, who can sharpen their sign-making skills). That’s what’s going on, enjoy the 2021 Homecoming season!