The Call will pay the phone bills


With most still spending a lot of time inside due to the pandemic, Netflix has remained on top as the largest streaming service in the world. With the recent releasing of a Korean film named The Call, Netflix sets itself up for success once again as they present a movie that undeniably gives audiences a thrill from beginning to end. Released as a Netflix Film on December 14, 2020, this movie was made by YongFilm, out of Seoul, South Korea. Korean film isn’t popularized especially in the U.S., so this provides a new outlook on film in other countries. 

The plot follows two main characters named Seo-Yeon (played by Park Shin-Hye) and Young-Sook (played by Jong-seo Jun). Both of these women give exceptional performances from the moment their characters step into frame. 

The premise of The Call is that both characters live in two different time periods; Young-Sook lives in the past (1999) while Seo-Yeon lives in the present (2019). The only thing connecting them is one phone call, one that is ultimately able to allow them to talk to each other even though they are 20 years apart. The phenomenon is never explained, but it adds an interesting focal point. 

What twists the story even more is that they are both living in the same house. This idea for the plot may seem original on the surface, but writer and director Chung-Hyun Lee blows the concept out of the water. Both Seo-Yeon and Young-Sook’s fate are put on the line as greed and persistence become major problems. The relationship of the two characters is fascinating to watch from start to finish as Seo-Yeon and Young-Sook experience what their own best and worst lives would look and feel like. 

Some elements that stuck out were the fantastic use of visuals and imagery that make every event so much more entertaining. This movie also is able to mess with the heads of the audience as it feels like the future can never be guessed. With the runtime just under two hours, The Call is also able to turn from a mystery film to a horror-thriller in no time. 

In conclusion, this film should be high on everyone’s list. Take a look at it while it’s still on Netflix. This is a movie that will impress any viewers who do not have high expectations, due to the sheer suspense that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Most American watchers may be thrown off by the need for subtitles, but they were very easy to get used to and didn’t affect the viewing experience. 

The only warning that should be given is for blood and violence since certain scenes could be too gory for some viewers, and dark themes are additionally contained, targeted for mature audiences. Without a doubt, The Call is just the start to the popularity of Korean film and should receive the attention it deserves.