Getting used to the abnormal


Logan Ackerman, Editor

Social distancing isn’t what a lot of people are used to. It’s been odd staying home for over a month now. I’ve gotten used to it, and it will be a relief when things get back to normal, though that might be quite a while. We have all had to accept the fact that school will not start up again until the fall, and even that proposition looks murky.

I feel that I’m in a very fortunate situation compared to others. Preschoolers, and younger elementary kids are missing that early development stage that contains a lot of interaction and social skills, and it must be hard for parents. I also feel bad for the Class of 2020, missing out on their final year of high school, missing out on prom, graduation, playoff runs, and so much more. They don’t even get the chance to say good bye, nor can we say it to them in person.

It’s amazing what health care workers are doing, and basically anyone that has been sacrificing their time and energy during this pandemic. A cool story I found was, a local college student made t-shirts that say 507 Strong. $5 from every t-shirt will be used to purchase gift cards from local restaurants, and will be donated to Mayo Clinic health care professionals. (The fundraiser is now over). 

I think it’s important to support local businesses during this time, knowing that there’s a chance some might not survive by the end of this pandemic, but until things go back to normal, we’ve got to stay positive, practice social distancing, and watch some sports on T- oh… never mind that last part.