What makes you happy?

Logan Ackerman, Editor

Lights, Camera, Action: Movie Making Memories


Being creative always brought me joy. Music brings me joy and happiness. Theater brings me joy and happiness. I guess a lot of forms of art have always been very satisfying for me. But the biggest one has always been film. In my opinion, it’s the best form of art. It combines all elements of art into one. Music, acting, set design, directing, editing, writing and many more. 


In 2009, when I was five, my older brother Andy, (20 at the time) wanted to make a movie. A fun homemade movie to put on YouTube. Andy played the villain, a dark mysterious figure kidnapping the princess (my sister Kelsey). Only one hero could save the day: Logman. Logman was a strange nickname I got when I was a baby. Logman was hit around local friends and family. It was praised so highly we ended up making two more. Each movie was about five minutes each. Every summer we would put out a new Logman video, but my personal favorite one was the last one we made. By now the superhero suit was stretching beyond its limits. My mom had already adjusted the costume twice before filming “Logman 3”. By the third “movie” I think we all knew that we were reaching the end. So we had to go big! Experimenting with a green screen, adding special effects, fighting a trio of ninjas, flying with a green screen behind me. It was truly the big grand finale. 


Making Logman videos is one of my favorite childhood memories. Every family member was somewhat a part of it, whether it was my dad holding me as I flew. My mom sewing my superhero costume, or just any family or friends wanting to be a part of the action. It’s something I will always look back on fondly. 


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