Staying Positive During These Hard Times


Logan Ackerman, Editor

Being quarantined for about two months has been difficult to adjust to. It’s frustrating to want to help while knowing the way to help is by staying home. It feels like you are not being useful or helpful, but staying home is the best way to keep everyone safe. It lowers the risk of spreading COVID-19. Staying home will flatten the curve and slow it down tremendously.

These are hard and stressful times, but the best thing to do is stay positive. Actor John Krasinski (best known for playing Jim in The Office) started a YouTube channel sharing all the good in the world during these stressful and weird times. The channel is called SomeGoodNews. A Mayo High School student (Ojas Bhagra), started an Instagram account called BeWellCOVID. Just like John Krasinski, the account shares all the good and positive news during this time, while also giving tips on what to do if you are bored at home. Staying busy will keep your mind off of more stressful things.

What I have been doing during this extended break is watching a ton of films (and making a list to keep track), learning and then writing my first screenplay, making YouTube videos, etc. Fortunately, I have felt I cannot get bored because I feel there is always something for me to do (even if it’s not that productive). It’s nice to have a break and reflect during this time. I just hope things will start to become normal again in the next month or so. Until then I will remain busy and enjoy staying at home.