Trace Adkins concert relaxed and laid back

Ben Brust, Staff Writer

Trace Adkins, a well-known country music singer, came to Rochester Thursday, January 23rd to perform his first concert of the year. He is mostly known for songs such as Just Fishin’ and You’re Gonna Miss This. He is an older singer, so most of the crowd was middle-aged or older, which made the concert experience quite different from some I have been to in the past which involved more standing up, dancing, and singing along to the songs, but not so much at this concert. The older crowd definitely influenced the energy in the room, as they were content to just relax and listen. Although the concert was a much different atmosphere than I was used to at a concert, it was nice to sit back, relax, and just enjoy the music. 

His showmanship was very good, with one of his strengths being how well he interacted with the crowd by cracking jokes. The Civic Center is a smaller venue, which made his dialogue with the audience much easier and gave everyone a better experience. 

His band was extremely talented; his guitar players were fantastic but not overpowering, and the keyboard player was out of this world.
    All in all, Trace Adkins does a very good concert, but as stated earlier, it has a more laid back feel to it. He enjoys toying and cracking jokes at the crowd, telling stories and making people laugh while on stage. For any die hard Trace fans that may have missed this concert, he will be returning to the Midwest in July for two shows in Wisconsin on July 8th and 10th… road trip, anyone?