Christmas Classics come to the cinema

Alexa Jacobson, Staff Writer

Around  the country at participating Wehrenberg Theaters, Christmas classic movies are being shown to spark the Christmas spirit early this year. This will be starting December 6th and ending December 19th at the Marcus Theaters’ Rochester location. With over 90 locations throughout the US, roughly only half of them are participating in this winter showtime saga. The movies that will be shown throughout the first three weeks of Christmas are The Grinch, White Christmas, Elf, It’s A Wonderful Life, Christmas Vacation, and Polar Express.

The Grinch lives in a mountain in Who-ville, far away from the Whos who raised him to love Christmas. Curious about The Grinch, Cindy Lou-Who begins to research grouchy Grinch. From the information she gathers from the Whos in Who-ville, she finds out that the Grinch loved Christmas when he was young. Cindy interviewed fellow classmates, the Mayor, and Margret. Growing up the Grinch had a crush on Margret. However, the Mayor as a child, began to tease the Grinch about his facial hair. As a result of this bullying, the Grinch wanted to look handsome when he gave his homemade gift to his crush, so he attempted to shave off his facial hair. The Grinch didn’t know how to properly shave, resulting in nicks on his face, resulting in the class’ laughing at him, and ultimately causing him to hate Christmas. After that, he ran away to Mt. Crumpit, and that’s where the story begins. 

Elf starts in a New York orphanage when a baby crawls into Santa’s satchel. Buddy, the baby named after the diaper he was wearing, ends up in the North Pole where Santa and the elves live. Buddy was raised as an elf and later realizes that he is not like the other elves. Buddy fails to finish simple toy-making tasks. This is how Buddy finds out he is actually human and not an elf. The elves tell him about how his biological parents gave him up for adoption, and that they live in New York. Finally, Buddy sets off on a mission to New York to find his biological father, to see why he is on Santa Claus’s naughty list, in hopes of helping him get on the nice list before the upcoming Christmas.

The Polar Express begins on Christmas Eve, when a young boy becomes suspicious about how the mysterious Santa Claus travels all around the world in one night delivering all the presents to children. Beginning to go to bed, the boy is awakened by the horns, bells, and whistles of the train passing by his house. The locomotive stops outside his front door, and he is greeted by a conductor who tells him that they’re heading to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus. This is just the beginning of the boy’s Christmas Eve night. This story showcases many instances surrounding the spirit of Christmas and how we should always remember to believe. This movie also displays a substantial amount of symbolism, which is very important in conveying a greater depth of understanding to the audience.

 A crucial part of the holiday season involves watching movies that bring back nostalgic memories from childhood, particularly with family or friends. Marcus Theaters understands the importance of the holiday spirit and works on spreading holiday cheer for all to see.