New biology teacher has a wild time at Mayo

Jacob Koster, Staff Writer














Dylan Wiessborn is a new biology teacher at Mayo high school. He likes teaching ecology because it is what always interests students, and because he can talk a little bit about conservation. He has a degree in Environmental Studies, and sustainability, with a minor in biology from Northern Michigan University. Mr. Wiessborn was born in Marquette, Michigan located on the upper peninsula of Michigan on the shore of Lake Superior, so it makes sense that he loves the outdoors. 

Then he moved to New York City, and worked at the YMCA of New York as a camp counselor. Then he decided to move to Rochester Minnesota became a teacher. After moving to Rochester he hopes to stay in Rochester for as long as he can.

He previously taught at the Rochester Math and Science Academy, and Beacon Academy. At Beacon they specialize in teaching students with autism and emotional behavioral disorders or EBD’s. While working at Beacon he taught science. 

He enjoys hiking, biking, scuba diving, rock climbing, skateboarding, writing, poetry, drawing, and sketching. As for being outside Mr. Wiessborn likes Yellowstone as it is up the mountains; he says that it is like stepping onto “an alien planet.” Other places he has been in the United States are the Badlands for camping. He has been to places in South America such as Columbia and Peru as well as the Amazon rainforest.

He chose the path of being a teacher because he has always worked in situations that involve instructing and helping others, like when he was a lifeguard and taught swimming lessons. He was also a soccer coach, motivating his team members, helping them to develop their skills and strategies. Then as a camp counselor, he taught things like pond ecology, wetland ecology, and archery. 

If he were not a teacher, he would likely be doing something in the arts, since that’s what people always thought what he would be doing. Outside of school, his interests involve reading and drawing; in fact, he is currently learning how to animate his drawings.

He says that he likes Mayo High school because the students and teachers are “very welcoming.” He also likes how the staff is so dedicated, and says that the students are smart amazing and eager to be here, adding that he has never seen a school like Mayo.