TOPS stops stress for GOFA


Laura Mewhorter, Staff Writer

We all get stressed, whether it be from homework, home life, big tests, or just getting through the day. Thankfully, there is a way to help relieve some of it: the members of the TOPS program (Teens offering peer support) are contributing to our schoolwide campaign by making latex-free stress balls. These malleable masterpieces may manage to make the tension go away. The squeezably soft texture exercises the muscles in your hands and fingers, helping you develop the strength to master musical instruments or power through intense in-class essays.


You can buy one of these stress balls in the TOPS room, located in 2-202, across from Mr. Giesen’s room. Beyond that, the people in TOPS will be carrying them around, so you can meet the members and make a purchase. 


Open every hour of each day, the TOPS room is a place students can go if they are feeling sad, stressed, upset, or just need a little break. Many come in and play with the kinetic sand or the stress putty, so that’s when the staff thought that making stress balls would be a great idea.


As a side note, they are also selling donuts from Daube’s bakery in their room, so get them while they last: they go fast!