How to prom

Emma Brandt, Staff Writer

Money can be a touchy subject when it comes to prom, because frankly, the event can be really expensive. Fortune magazine says this year the average family will spend almost $1000 total on prom, from the promposal to the clothes, the flowers, and the tickets. What should be a fun experience can be ruined by the stress of paying for the event. To help cut down on costs, here are some sure-fire ways to make prom a fun night, to keep your date or friends happy, and to avoid spending a ton of money.

First, prom tickets are very expensive at Mayo. If you were asked to prom, it’s probably not expected, but paying for your own ticket may be helpful to your date if he or she is on a budget. Another cost-saving idea is to forget the food. Many people suggest going out to eat before prom, but many people don’t realize that the price of the tickets includes dinner at the Event Center, so why pay extra for a meal?

If you do want to go out to dinner, there is no need for an expensive restaurant. Gabe Senf recommends going to McDonalds; if you did that as a group, it could be a hilarious meal. Megan Adair believes that the stands at the Apache Mall food court offer a myriad of choices, and you would surely be a spectacle for all of the shoppers who did not know that the Mayo Prom was taking place. Why not try some other reasonable place? A few, good restaurant suggestions include Pasquale’s Italian Restaurant, Ootori Sushi, Mango Thai, or Applebee’s. Many of these restaurants and retail stores also have coupons online, which will save you even more money!

Before you eat, though, remember to take pictures! Consider going to scenic areas such as Quarry Hill, downtown Rochester, or the Plumber House (if it is open). All three are free, and the lighting and scenery are perfect for professional looking photos. It doesn’t take much; just look for blooming flowers and trees, perhaps a pretty area near a lake or other waterway. Many friends’ parents will offer up their homes for pictures, so you might be able to take advantage of that, and if you don’t have a great camera, you could have your friends take them for you.

Lastly and most importantly, is the wardrobe. Dresses and tuxes can be expensive, but some stores, like Macy’s, offer coupons to help save. Some Mayo Spartans have also had good luck like finding dresses at a second-hand shops like Kismit’s in Rochester. For tuxes, you may be able to buy a nice suit for cheaper than renting a tux, so it would be worth it to do some shopping around at places like Macy’s. The Mayo SOS room by door one also provides rental on both dresses and tuxedos.  

 After prom people sometimes like go to out and enjoy the night. Some good after-prom dates might involve renting a movie at home with friends or having a bonfire. Regardless of what you do at prom, it will be a spectacular night, so remember to have fun and leave your purse or wallet at home!