Death Cure movie remedy for ailing trilogy

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Death Cure movie remedy for ailing trilogy

Grace Pignolo, Staff Writer

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On January 26th, The Death Cure was released, and fans rushed to the theaters to see the last movie of The Maze Runner Trilogy. So far, according to Box Office Mojo, the movie has earned $51,176,106 dollars in its first three weeks after release.Due to the excellent cast and phantasmagorical cinematography, it is not hard to predict its future success.

The Death Cure, rated PG-13, is the third movie in The Maze Runner Trilogy directed by Wes Ball. It is an action-packed thriller that concludes the dystopian series starring Dylan O’Brien and Kaya Scodelario. This series is adapted from the novel series written by James Dashner, who makes a surprise appearance in the movie as a non-speaking character on a panel of W.I.C.K.E.D. financial supporters, very much like Alfred Hitchcock, a director who often made cameo appearances in his own movies. Director Wes Ball, who has undertaken the task of recreating this story, an up-and-coming director new to the film scene, has made a promising impression with these movies, especially the Death Cure.

In this movie, the remaining survivors after the attack from W.I.C.K.E.D. regroup and plan to rescue their friends who were taken. To do this they have to travel to the last city on earth: Denver. Inside W.I.C.K.E.D.’s base city the “immunes,” Thomas and the others unaffected by the Flare virus, while being hunted by W.I.C.K.E.D., have to end the search for a cure to the Flare, a deadly virus killing most of the population, before all the immunes are killed as well as those who are infected.

Dylan O’Brien, who plays Thomas, the main character in the Death Cure, changes drastically for this role, having to adapt from his part in the MTV series Teen Wolf. He takes on a new character showing his versatility that is sure to be seen in movies to come. The cast is composed of newer actors; besides O’Brien, Rosa Salazar shows promise of a long career in the film industry. The film also includes strong performances from well-known actors like Thomas Brodie-Sangster who was a child actor and had appeared in many movies including Nanny McFee and Love, Actually, as well the HBO hit series Game of Thrones. Also from Game of Thrones, actor Aidan Gillen who played Littlefinger, is Janson in the Death Cure. Also well known actors such as Giancarlo Esposito (The Jungle Book) and Patricia Clarkson (Learning to Drive) support the main characters. This fabulous cast is a blend of the new generation of actors and experienced actors.

These actors are best viewed on an IMAX screen, so the full depth of the action scenes can be felt in the audience. As fans of the book trilogy may know, the Death Cure comes to a close with intense action and blasts of surprising turns which the movie showcases. The special effects, all extremely well done, create a level of excitement and realism that makes the audience crave more. The Death Cure showcases the use of death-defying stunts and risky missions which are amplified by special effects and masterful cinematography.

The soundtrack is classic action dystopian music which sets the audience on edge. It is ninety three minutes long and includes twenty two songs used throughout the movie. Though there is nothing new about the soundtrack, each song enhances a particular scene or moment in the movie.

The Maze Runner Trilogy started out like the novel series with the first movie, but the second movie was a complete let down. It merely stood as a bridge between the first and the final movie. It derailed from the book series and was not as well done as The Death Cure, which is a balance between following the book and creating new twists to keep the audience on their toes. In fact, many moviegoers who know the books will be interested to discover whether this movie ends the same way as the trilogy or not. It is worth your while to find out.