There and back again

An interview with Mrs. Ehrfurth


Hannah Gore, Staff Writer

Have you ever heard of black light yoga? At urban yoga, you can find a chill place to go and get your zen on while Mrs.Ehrfurth leads the class. Blacklight yoga is a unique uplifting experience. The invigorating environment enhances the physical and most importantly
the internal experi
ence. The classes are dark and the music is loud. Flowing into your true self, you will feel how you are part of something unique.

Many of you may think Ms. Ehrfurth is new to Mayo this year, but actually she started at Mayo High School in 2001 when RPS accepted her, until she left in 2013 to pursue a PhD in communications at the University of Wisconsin Madison. She was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which is only three miles from the football stadium, so you could say she`s quite the Packers fan. She graduated from Mosinee High School in central Wisconsin. From there, she pursued her English undergraduate degree and got her teaching license at St.Olaf University. She then transferred to Mankato where she completed her masters in English studies and


 a thesis in Hinduism and literature prior to coming to Mayo High School.

Being the oldest of four means that being a leader and caretaker came to her at a young age. Ms. Ehrfurth`s choice to become an English teacher was an easy decision. Having had good teachers in her own experience at school and her enjoyment to discuss the elements of literature, Ms. Ehrfurth says, “it just seemed natural.”

Aside from her work life, Ms. Ehrfurth enjoys life to the fullest by making the most out of her time. As teaching came natural to her, it would make sense that she is an excellent yoga instructor as well, and you can join her classes at Urban Yoga. She also enjoys knitting and designing sweaters that she can use to keep warm in this cool, Minnesota weather. Ms. Ehrfurth is also fascinated with reading books, given that she is an English teacher. If you like to read and would like someone to talk about your book, Mrs. Ehrfurth is always open for discussion and new perspectives.

Coming back to Mayo after four years was definitely a new adjustment. Reconnecting with all the new students and staff is what Ms. Ehrfurth enjoys the most about this school year. Don’t feel shy if you’d ever like to stop and chat. One of her favorite quotes is “how casually unusual we make our most valuable acquaintances.” Remember that anyone new you meet, even just a casual occurrence, could have a very strong impact in your life or perception of your inner self. Ms. Ehrfurth reminds us to be open minded to new thoughts, ideas, and perspectives, so you’ll notice a positive change in life.