Barbecue & biology


In his spare time, Andy Poterucha (right) enjoys barbecue with a teammate.

Damon Saponari, Staff Writer

Science is a huge department at Mayo High School, and since the career field is currently expanding, it is even more important now than ever. In our Science departments we have biology, physics, animals science and more. Mayo High School would like to welcome our new addition to the biology section, Mr. Andy Poterucha, a who works in Mr. Macdonald’s room and closely with him. He taught biology in Rochester for one year and then spent four years at Rochester Catholic Schools where three of those included teaching earth science, life science, and physical education classes. Mr. Poterucha said he would love to be a principal at some point and has his license to do so. He also said what drew him to Mayo was the great high school setting and the opening in a biology classroom.

Starting his college career at St. John’s University then transferring to University of Wisconsin River Falls, he graduated with biology and chemistry degrees as well as earning a minor in coaching. Before becoming a teacher, Andy was a financial advisor for four and half years then got his teaching license and master’s in instruction by 2014-2016. Mr. Poterucha says he has coached track and basketball for 11 years and always loved helping and working with kids. That’s what he believes led him back to being a teacher. Although in the big picture he would like to end up being a principle, he said the only thing holding him back is a little more experience, so that is why he chose to take the job here at Mayo. As a new employee, he enjoys all the support systems and help available for not only all students but all teachers, which helps everyone completely succeed.

The first impression he took from attending some sporting events like football games and track meets involves the surprising amount of pride our staff and students have for our clubs, student activities, and sports, which all create a spirit-filled atmosphere here at Mayo. He also really likes the way students and staff work together and are extremely supportive of each other in their work throughout the year. Although Mr. Poterucha only teaches three periods here at Mayo he wants to be as involved with activities and things at Mayo as much as he can, so he can’t wait to get to know his students much better. One of his goals for the first quarter and in general is “to develop a genuine relationship with all of my students on a personal level so I can be in touch with everyone of them.” He said he is looking forward to what else this school has to offer, the different experiences he will learn from, and all the new relationships he can create with students and staff. Also a family man, his includes his wife and four kids. Since there are so many hungry mouths to feed at home, Mr. Poterucha has come to enjoy the hobby of barbecuing whenever he can, and we hope that he brings some to school to share with us!