With Tornado Season in Full Swing, Spartans Practice Safety Procedures


Advocate Editorial Board

Spring is a time for warming weather and blooming nature.  Unfortunately, it’s also a time for tornadoes.  On April 13th, our school will host a tornado drill to help prepare for the unlikely (but still possible event) of a tornado warning near Mayo High School.  Listed below is the school procedure for tornado drills.  Feel free to review it and find out where your classroom’s designated “safe space” is.  Remember to remain calm and walk to the take cover area and help those around you.  Stay safe Spartans!

Tornado Drill Procedure:

Tornado warnings are signaled by an announcement over the public address system that a tornado watch or warning is in effect.

First floor teachers should direct their students to their assigned “safe area”.

(Band and Choir remain in your classroom area)

(TV Studio, Setting 3 and 1-216B use interior hallway in your area)

Second floor teachers should direct their students to the nearest stairway and bring them downstairs to their assigned “safe area” (see attachment).

Safe Areas:  Safe areas are the places in the building where students and staff can gain safe shelter from a tornado.  The following areas are considered safe areas during a tornado at Mayo High School: