Chess Club: It’ll Rook your World


Collin Vandal, Staff Writer

Mayo’s very own chess club is back up and running again! After a few years of not having a team, Mayo has started chess club. This is the second year the club is back, and they are proving to be strong competition. Last year the team went to the state tournament, and they are hoping to go again this year. Currently 16 members make up the roster for the club. The student leaders are: Jonathan Ross as the club President, Courtney Bartlett as the Vice President, and Chris Mauck as the captain. If you would like to join chess club all you have to do is show up to practice.

“Its pretty relaxed. We’re just here to play chess,” said Jonathan Ross regarding the easy-going nature of the club. If you’re interested in joining, practices are on Mondays from 3-5 in room 2-252.