Voici Club De Français

Erin Todd, Staff Writer

Mayo High School’s French Club has made changes this year that promise to fulfill their motto of “Food, French, Friends, and Fun!” Old traditions mixed with new ideas promise a magnifique year for any student interested in French.

Every Tuesday, the door to Madame Smolders’ room swings open at 7:20 AM. Because Tuesdays don’t start until 8:10, French Club lasts for forty minutes. Upon arrival, students may sign in, listing their name, French level, and hour they have French. Fortunately, however, one does not have to be taking French to attend the club. Your French skills or lack thereof do not matter; you don’t need to speak French to have a good time.

President Sara Holmes, along with officers senior Christine Choi, junior Erin Todd, and sophomore Aurora Pe, decided that French Club is to be held every week, and the primary activity will be watching a voted-upon movie in French with English subtitles. Movies range from Disney’s Hercules, to The Chronicles of Narnia, Les Misérables, and many more. Students can help themselves to the delicious snacks that are provided by the officers: sit back, and enjoy the show.

Once a month, French Club spices it up by holding a themed and more interactive meeting. Whether it is Halloween themed in October or celebrating a French holiday like Mardi Gras, the meetings promise to be fun. The officers put together a unique combination of French and English activities perfectly suited to that month’s theme.

President Sara Holmes and facilitator Madame Smolders have arranged for the opportunity of hawking to be open to French Club participants. Hawking is selling concessions in the stands at football games, volleyball games, soccer matches, and more. Not only is this a great way to volunteer at Mayo, but it also helps pay for lowered costs in the French Club T-shirt, and it helps pay for the food provided at every meeting. Hawking can also assist in providing financial aid to students in need for the annual French trip to the University of Minnesota for À Vous La Parole or “It’s your turn to speak.”

If you want food, movies, French, other fun activities, or just don’t know what to do on Tuesday mornings, this is the place for you. The officers encourage you to ask questions if you have any. French Club offers wonderful opportunities to expand your French knowledge while enjoying yourself in the process.