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2017-2018 Staff

Emma Brandt

Staff Writer

Hi I’m Emma Brandt, a senior and writer for the Advocate. I participate in a lot of after-school activities including cross-country, skiing, track, STEM society, and management of the girls hockey team. Next year I am attending ...

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Eryn Fjelsted

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Eryn Fjelsted, a senior at Mayo High School. I enjoy spending time with friends and family and taking my puppies on hikes. I play hockey on the Mayo Girls Hockey team and love it so much. I am not positive where I...

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Gabe Senf

Staff Writer

My name is Gabe Senf; I am a senior at Mayo High School. I was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota. My hobbies include fly fishing, drumming, working out, and hanging out with my friends. I participate in winter drumline,...

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Grace Pignolo

Staff Writer

I am Grace Pignolo, one of the writers for the Mayo High School Advocate. I moved to Rochester from Philadelphia a year and a half ago. I love to read novels, write, draw, play piano, and ski. My goals for the future are to att...

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Grant Sherwin

Staff Writer

My name is Grant Sherwin, I was born in Wichita, KS but have lived in Rochester since 2001. I currently attend Mayo High School and am a senior. My hobbies include fishing, playing video games, listening to music, watching sp...

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Hallie Olson

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Hallie Olson, and I’m a senior this year at Mayo High School. I have three siblings: one brother and two sisters. My younger sister is a freshman here at Mayo High School; my other sister is a sophomore at RCTC, ...

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Hattie Madsen

Staff Writer

  Hi, my name is Hattie Madsen. I am a senior at Mayo High School, having moved to Rochester in August of 2017, from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I have two sophomore brothers that attend Mayo as well. I enjoy watching them ...

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Jia Yan Wong

Staff Writer

Hi, I am Jia Yan Wong, an exchange student from Malaysia. I am a senior and will be here for the semester. I am so excited to join Mayo as an exchange student, trying new things and getting to know new people. This is my first ti...

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Kate Bastian

Staff Writer

My name is Kate Bastian, and I am a senior at Mayo High School. I am in both cast and crew in the drama program and in jazz band, symphonic band, marching band, and pep band in the music program. I currently am working at McDon...

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Mady Pralle

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Mady Pralle, and I am a senior at Mayo High School. I’ve grown up in Rochester, MN my whole life but have always wished to live further south. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, going fishing and h...

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Megan Nayar

Staff Writer

Hi, I am Megan Nayar. This year I am a senior at Mayo High School. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends and play soccer. At Mayo I participate in Key Club, Spanish Club, and Mayo Girls Soccer. In the future, I plan t...

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Jose Michelda Cheristin

Staff Writer

My name is Jose Michelda Cheristin. I am 18 years old and was born and raised in Haiti, before moving to the United States in 2016 when I was 16 years old. I also spent half of my 10th grade year in Pennsylvania. One thing t...

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Rachel Lisovskis

Staff Writers

Hi, my name is Rachel Lisovskis, and I am a senior at Mayo High School. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, being outside, reading, playing with my dog, and cooking. This fall I plan to attend coll...

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Tucker Zincke

Staff Writer

I am Tucker Zincke, a staff writer for the Mayo Advocate. The things I love to do involve adventuring, being in nature, or working on classic cars like a 1969 Chevelle SS or a 1970 Chevy Nova. One thing I love doing on cool summ...

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Rachel Vande Kieft

Staff Writer

I’m Rachel Vande Kieft. I’ve lived in Rochester almost all my life, but I was born in Austin, Minnesota. I love traveling, running, and politics. I work at Applebee’s North as a host. I’m motivated by the idea and feeli...

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Hannah Gore

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Hannah Gore. I live to travel, and within the next five years, I hope to find myself backpacking through Asia. I wish to be able to experience different cultures and customs. I don’t exactly dream of a house and a ...

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Sam OConnor

Staff Writer

I’m Sam, and there is not much else other than I am a part of band. I play the euphonium and was one of the kids who dropped out of it freshmen year but came back during sophomore year. I ended up being the worst one in my section...

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Maddi Lutz

Staff Writer

My name is Maddi Lutz and have lived in Rochester Minnesota my entire life. I like to travel to places like South Carolina, and Florida. In my free time I play hockey and golf for the school. In the future I would like to be a...

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Quincy Hill

Staff Writer

My name is Quincy, but I go by Q. I’m 5’9 on a good day with a weird personality. I am in two varsity sports for Mayo High School, football and wrestling, but also work on the weekends at Subway. Besides that, all I really...

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Kyle Kriener

Staff Writer

My name is Kyle Kriener. I am from Cresco, Iowa, but I moved to Rochester, Minnesota when I was nine. I enjoy spending time playing sports and spending time with family or friends. I play football and basketball. I have one sister...

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Taylor Hines

Staff Writer

Im Taylor Hines i am a senior from Brainerd MN. I enjoy anything outdoors, sports and would really love to do anything involving photography. I’ve spent the last few years taking photos of anything that seems photo worthy, as...

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Mikala Vinje

Staff Writer

My name is Mikala Vinje. I was born and raised right here in Rochester, Minnesota. I am a senior here at Mayo High School. One of my goals in life is to become a social worker. I have always enjoyed working with children, and...

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Maddie Moen

Staff Writer

Hi, I am Maddie Moen, born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota. I love to travel, I’ve been many places throughout the U.S., one of the best trips was to San Diego, California. During my free time, I like to play soccer and lift,...

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Hannah Sauer

Staff Writer

Hi I am Hannah Sauer, a senior at Mayo High School I am very creative, funny, and inspirational. I enjoy painting on my own time and doing outdoor activities. I also have just become more interested in archery. I want to become...

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Garret Hanson

Staff Writer

My name is Garret Hanson, I am a senior from Rochester Minnesota. Some of my hobbies include gardening and fashion. I really love gardening because it is a natural prozac that helps relieve stress. Fashion is a way to express...

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Erin Clark

Staff Writer

My name is Erin Clark. I was born in Rochester, MN; when I was growing up, I played a lot of sports but fell in love with dance. I enjoy dancing all the time, no matter what - studio or team. I dance on the Performance Fall team...

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Erika Cruz

Staff Writer

Hi!!! My name is Erika Cruz, and I am currently a Sophomore at Mayo High. I was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota. I enjoy traveling and exploring nature, as well as spending time with all of my beautiful friends and family....

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Eion Fesenmaier

Staff Writer

I’m Eion Fesenmaier, from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have been to a couple of states and countries including Mexico and Canada. I am interested in fishing and sports. I also have an interest in political topics. Journalism...

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Damon Saponari

Staff Writer

My name is Damon. I was born in Rochester and have lived here since my entire life. I enjoy the city of Rochester and all the things it has to offer. I currently work at Madonna Meadows Assisted Living Center and Halloween Exp...

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Beni Benyei

Staff Writer

Hi I am Benjamin Benyei, call me Beni Benyei. I am a senior at Mayo High School. I am a very kind, funny, humble, and talkative person. I have a passion for drawing, creating in general. I also enjoy writing very much!  I lo...

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Andi Ickler

Staff Writer

I’m Andreya Ickler (Andi). I was born here in Rochester, Minnesota. When I about five, I moved to Bemidji. I was raised up north until 10th grade, when I moved back down here. I’m now a senior and am involved in the band. I ...

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James Arnold


I’m James, but you can call me Jimmy, and I use he/him/his (male) pronouns. I’m passionate about learning, education, punk rock, and the intersections between those things. I work at Rochester Public Library and intend to co...

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Kaycee Taylor


Hi, my name is Kaycee Taylor and I’m a senior this year and the editor of The Advocate. In my free time, I enjoy to read, write, and be outdoors. I like to go camping and canoeing with my dad and sister, when we have the ti...

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Kalista Miller

Staff Writer

Hey! I’m Kalista Miller, a sophomore at Mayo High School. I enjoy drama (Mayo Stage Door), and music; both of these things are a large part of my life and are very important to me. I also love spending time with my friends a...

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