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Daliso Chitulangoma
Hi, I’m Daliso Chitulangoma (duh-lee-so) (chi-too-lon-go-ma). My name originates from a tribe around south central Africa, in Zambia. Daliso means blessing, and Chitulangoma means “a beat of a drummer,” I  would say that I have a rather unique name. I am a junior and a forward on the MHS varsity boys soccer team. Outside of school I enjoy spending my free time skateboarding, and occasionally rapping or beatboxing. Ever since I was young, I've loved fashion, hence, when I get older I wish to become a fashion designer.

I think journalism is an important subject because it teaches students how to create media, and how to export and save different types of digital images and documents. In the 21st century, these skills are necessary to a successful life. They are also important because they help keep others informed about critical information.

With previous experience creating content for social media, I can already lightly edit photos. After this class I am hoping to develop advanced skills in photo editing and exporting.

Daliso Chitulangoma , Staff Writer

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Daliso Chitulangoma