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Quincy Hill
My name is Quincy, but I go by Q. I’m 5’9 on a good day with a weird personality. I am in two varsity sports for Mayo High School, football and wrestling, but also work on the weekends at Subway. Besides that, all I really do is go to school, hang out with the guys and enjoy a lot of weird random stuff; I’m the type of guy to be up for anything if you just ask.
For journalism it’s important not only to take a picture and write a story about it but to capture the moment and inform the public of the amazing stuff that goes around in our school on a daily basis. Coming into journalism I thought that it would be so simple and easy, but there is so much more to it, angles, lighting, captions, shades, emotion and a lot more. Now I want to learn how to write stories about interesting stuff that might not be as important to the world but important to the students in our school like new trends and long-standing traditions.

Quincy Hill, Staff Writer

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