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Hallie Olson
Hi, my name is Hallie Olson, and I’m a senior this year at Mayo High School. I have three siblings: one brother and two sisters. My younger sister is a freshman here at Mayo High School; my other sister is a sophomore at RCTC, and my 23 year-old brother currently works at Ben Franklin Elementary School. In my free time I enjoy watching movies, hanging out with friends, and being adventurous. I participate in volleyball during the fall, basketball during the winter, and play off-season for both sports in the spring and summer. I plan on attending Winona State next fall to become a radiologist.

I believe that journalism is important because it allows writers to express their opinions when writing editorials and to provide factual input on topics that are important to readers in the community. Our journalism class provides a good way to get out and capture images of people around the school. In this class I would like to learn more about the principles of photography and how to capture better images in the moment.

Hallie Olson, Staff Writer

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