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Grant Sherwin
My name is Grant Sherwin, I was born in Wichita, KS but have lived in Rochester since 2001. I currently attend Mayo High School and am a senior. My hobbies include fishing, playing video games, listening to music, watching sports, and hanging out with friends. I plan to attend the University of Minnesota next year and major in Business. I hope to live in either Minneapolis or Chicago when I am an adult.

I believe journalism is a very important facet of society. The watchdog role it plays and the public service it provides are not rivalved by any other institution. The Constitutional framers found this so important they wrote about, and protected it in the First Amendment! Throughout this semester, I hope to become more proficient in writing opinion pieces. I want my opinion to be heard and understood by readers, and hopefully persuade them to consider other perspectives.

Grant Sherwin, Staff Writer

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