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Eryn Fjelsted
Hi my name is Eryn Fjelsted, a senior at Mayo High School. I enjoy spending time with friends and family and taking my puppies on hikes. I play hockey on the Mayo Girls Hockey team and love it so much. I am not positive where I will be attending college, but Arizona State University, Winona State University, and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee are on the top of my list. I plan on becoming a nurse and then furthering my education to become a prenatal nurse practitioner.

I believe journalism is important because it gives individuals an opportunity to express their feelings in ways that sometimes we don’t know how to express. I like that as a writer I can specialize in areas that interest me, which helps me to show what I love and what I am interested in. News is fair, balanced, and impartial, so I hope to consider all the sides of an issue. Focusing on improving my writing and taking the best pictures allows me to become more open and willing to learn about the situation that others are in. I am looking forward to gaining a better understanding of the qualities of a good photograph and to working on what I am passionate about, creating something that inspires and influences others. I also want to develop my revision skills to decide on changes that make my work better.

Eryn Fjelsted, Staff Writer

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