GOFA Game Night – good fun tonight


Chhentry Ou, Staff Writer

Game Night


Today, Thursday, December 16th, you and your friends will have an opportunity to experience arguably the best GOFA event of them all. Game Night happens tonight. Everyone loves to play games; here’s a chance to do that with plenty of your friends and classmates. On top of that, students from other schools are allowed to attend.

This Game Night event will take place in the Cafeteria from 5:30 to 7:30 tonight.

There will be plenty of board games and card games provided by the Spartan community. Beyond that, you will be allowed to bring your own board game or deck of cards; bring any of your games that you think others would enjoy playing too! 

If that were not enough, we will play Simon Says as well! There will be holiday music, some current songs, and plenty of other things that will help everyone have a great time.

Admission is $5 for each student, and all proceeds go to GOFA! So come out and be there for the charities. Play games and be entertained while you help those in need. Come socialize, enjoy music, laugh, talk, and compete!

Get more information at: https://www.instagram.com/mayostudgov/.