Give one penny for all the points

Darien Hilmerson, Staff Writer










There is no better way to kick off the GOFA season than to compete against other grades in Penny Wars. The game is simple: the grade with the most points wins. 

Here’s how it works. Tubes are connected to containers for each grade and are found at the top of Door 6, where it’s easy to just drop a few coins in, but be careful about what coins you use! As the name of the game suggests, pennies = points. The more pennies you put into your class’s container, the more points you have! On the other side of the coin, it wouldn’t be as exciting a competition, however, if there weren’t any setbacks. From nickels and dimes to singles and fives, any other form of U.S. currency can be used to sabotage other classes and lower their points, negatively affecting their score. The number of points directly correlates to how much the coin is worth. So while putting 100 pennies down your own grade’s tube is still great, 1 dollar in another grade’s can help just as much, by setting that other class back in the war for the best score.

Make sure you know when there are pep fests, so you can prepare yourself by having money on you. “Mayo Minute” is a huge hit during the GOFA pep fests, involving student government members running through the bleachers with buckets. There will be only one minute to find a bucket and throw whatever money you have into it.  The grade with the most money in their buckets gets a nice reward, often gaining points for Penny Wars. So start gathering your coins, and prepare for war!