The Top Five has arrived

Jade Floyd, Staff Writer

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Now that everyone is settled back in at school, Homecoming week is upon us. It is a time of great spirit, crazy outfits, and plenty of memories. A big tradition here at Mayo involves how the school puts together a Homecoming court. We start with a seniors-only vote to honor ten girls and ten guys, which forms our “Top Ten.” After the first week, the  juniors and seniors vote for the “Top Five.” Our top five candidates this year are Brock Sonju, Ellie Kraichely, Erika Cruz, Ethan Thompson-Jewell, Gabe Madsen, Mason Madsen, Nicole Schmitgen, Sarah Brewer, Seth Brewer, and Rachel Zhang. Finally, after the entire school votes, this Friday, our Homecoming King and Queen will be crowned at the pep fest.

To start, Brock Sonju is the student government senior class president, and he is also involved in the TOPS program. Brock stated that being elected into the Homecoming court, and making it to the final round has been exciting and fun. Brock said that being involved in the top five “is a really fun experience,” and “it’s great to be able to represent the school.” After high school is over, Brock plans to attend college, but is undecided on where he wants to go. He is interested in studying something within the fields of science, psychology, or math, but he said he needs to look into it more.

Ellie Kraichely is involved in girls soccer, student government, French club, Mayo Honors Society, and Spartan 300. With all of her responsibilities throughout high school, she would say that her biggest accomplishment would be making varsity her freshman year. After high school, Ellie plans to go to college at St. Louis University and may even attend dental school. 

Next we have Erika Cruz, who is involved in the TOPS program and Key Club. Although she loves Mayo, the main thing she is looking forward to is graduation. Even though it seems pretty far away, it will come quickly, and she is ready to experience new things outside of high school.

Ethan Thompson-Jewell, also known to some as Ethan TJ, is one of our tailgating captains. He is also involved in debate, lacrosse, student government, Spartan 300, and Mayo Honors Society. The biggest life lesson that Mayo High School has taught him is to find fun in everything you do; “It’s all about your attitude towards life.” Ethan stated that with a positive mindset, “you are setting yourself up for success, and if you have a negative attitude, you’re only going to miss out on the fun parts life has to offer.” After graduation, Ethan is hoping to attend the University of Minnesota to pursue engineering, in specific aerospace. 

Mason and Gabe Madsen are originally from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. They moved here their sophomore year and instantly had a strong liking towards Mayo. Mason is involved in Spartan 300, Basketball, and is also a tailgating captain. He says that “the biggest thing that stands out from his old school is definitely the school spirit here, especially the student section.” 

Gabe Madsen is involved in basketball. He has a strong focus on human rights, believing that everyone should be treated fairly and with respect. Gabe says that his favorite thing about Homecoming week is seeing all of the “school spirit that Mayo has, including the daily dress up days, and the football game.” After high school, he and his brother Mason will be attending the University of Cincinnati to continue their basketball careers. 

Nicole Schmitgen is involved in student government, detate, Key Club, band, Spartan 300, and UNICEF. With a lot of memories to choose from over the course of four years, Nicole’s favorite involves GOFA, more specifically when Beaknik was happening. She had the opportunity to organize everything, and it was a very beneficial experience for her. Nicole enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful talent here at Mayo, and she loved supporting everyone. “It was the best feeling knowing that we raised money for a good cause, and also provided people with an outlet to express themselves,” she explained. After high school, Nicole is planning on attending college to explore wherever her interests take her. Her goal for the future is to keep finding her happiness, and enjoy every day. 

Along with being involved in cross country, orchestra, the TOPS program, and Spartan 300, Sarah Brewer is the vice president of student government. Aside from all of these things, she is also planning on getting involved with the student school board this year. After high school she hopes to attend Brigham Young University in Utah to study psychology, and hopefully have a career related to it. Sarah is fascinated by the study of the mind. After her freshman year of college, Sarah also plans on serving a year-and-a-half mission trip for her church. 

Seth Brewer is involved in tennis and orchestra at Mayo. His highlight of senior year so far is getting closer to more teachers, and having more time to hang out with his friends. After high school, he is planning on attending college either at Brigham Young University or the University of Minnesota. Seth hopes to study in a field related to physics or some aspect of agriculture.

Rachel Zhang is a Key Club International trustee, a student government representative, a member of the Unified Spartans leadership board, and one of our tailgating captains. The best advice she could give to a freshman is not to care about what people think of you at all, and to “just be yourself one hundred percent of the time.” She also stated for freshman to “pursue the things they are interested in, “even if your friends are not.” She believes that it is important to be nice to everyone and make the most of your time here, because “freshman year can be rough, and you will cringe when you look back at it.” Rachel’s plans after high school include attending college to pursue a career in either international relations or political science. She is also considering taking a gap year in China. 

All of the seniors elected in Top Five are great students, as well as good people. This is proven by the participation and effort that they put in by getting themselves involved around the school. Although each of them is a winner, this Friday, at the Homecoming pep fest, our King and Queen will be crowned. Good luck to all of our seniors!

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